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Dr. Godwin Nwabunka made “The Guardian’s Top 50 Most Inspiring and Definitive CEO’s in 2023”. In an exclusive interview with The Guardian Newspaper, the CEO of Grooming Centre shared insights into the Centre’s journey, the impact on communities across Nigeria and the vision for the future. During the interview, the CEO highlighted the Centre’s evolution from its inception to becoming a leading player in financial inclusion and community development. He emphasized the Centre’s commitment to empowering individuals and fostering sustainable growth, citing initiatives such as microfinance services, corporate social responsibility programs, and partnerships with international organizations. The CEO also discussed the challenges faced by the Centre, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the Centre adapted by leveraging digital resources for seamless operations. He emphasized the importance of digitalizing processes to enhance efficiency and serve clients better, reflecting the Centre’s dedication to innovation and client-centric approaches. Discussions also revolved around the CEO’s extensive experience, drawn from previous roles in multilateral agencies like UNDP and UNICEF. His insights into client-centric approaches and strategic partnerships underscored the Centre’s ethos of prioritizing the welfare of its clients and staff and leveraging collaborations for impactful outcomes. Overall, the interview with The Guardian Newspaper provided a platform to showcase the Centre’s achievements, aspirations, and ongoing efforts to drive socioeconomic progress in Nigeria. Through transparent dialogue and shared insights, he reaffirmed the Centre’s commitment to empowering communities and transforming lives across the nation.

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