Collaborating with SESOR

We maintained our commitment to providing humanitarian support to Internally displaced persons in Nigeria by renewing our partnership with SESOR Empowerment Foundation for the 7th year. A donation of ₦14.13 million was presented towards the provision of relief, funding and housing to the Internally Displaced Persons in Lagos and Benue States, as well as to fund the ongoing work at the Sesor’s Safe Day Space Centres, which are designed to train the women in financial literacy and business management.

UNHCR photo

Grooming & UNHCR Livelihood Promotion

Continuing the Centre’s support to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria, we recently partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide business start-up kits to trained beneficiaries of the UNHCR Protection Safety-Nets and Livelihoods project in Borno State, North East Nigeria. The Centre’s donation is aimed at providing stability for the beneficiaries through the creation of livelihoods as well as training on income generation and micro-entrepreneurship. Over 50 beneficiaries from Maiduguri Municipal Centre (MMC) were trained in areas of tailoring, carpentry and shoe making, the 8 week programme concluded with additional training on Financial Literacy and Business Development.