Alexander Nnamdi Enyinnah (M.Sc. Banking & Finance) - Programme Director


Mr. Enyinnah is a seasoned microfinance disciple with over 15 years continuous involvement in hardcore banking and promotion of microfinance, and has been exposed to international best practices in microfinance delivery in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Before joining Grooming Centre, he was working with ASA Bangladesh as the National Technical Service Provider to the UNDP MicroStart project and later consultant to UNDP on consolidating the gains of the MicroStart project in the three most promising microfinance institutions (LAPO, DEC and CGEE). He has received various trainings on Microfinance worldwide and was trained on global microfinance best practices at the renowned University of Colorado in Boulder in 2003. He was elected as a delegate to the World Microcredit Summit in Bangladesh in 2004; currently a member of the 10-man advisory board for UNDP, National Planning Commission and Central Bank of Nigeria on Microfinance. He is the current Vice President of African Microfinance Transparency (AMT).


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